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“The most maddening thing about love is that you don’t choose who you fall for. Yeah, you might have a “type” or prefer certain characteristics, but when it comes down to it, you can never fully decide who you end up giving your heart out to. It could be anyone. And the craziest thing is, there are a million other people it could have been; somebody richer, somebody taller, somebody more trustworthy, somebody with different eyes, somebody more ambitious. But none of that matters because those people and all of their qualities don’t and won’t add up to the person you really care about, despite the things they might not have or might not be. I’ve recently found that someone I know is and has all of those amazing things up there in red, but they’re all just that - things. It doesn’t matter to me that he may be smarter or more honest or even better looking, because he’s not him. He’s not who I want, and it infuriates me. But that’s just love. “The only wild card”. So, go ahead and ask yourself; “What is it about the person I love that makes me love them over everyone else?” What can you find? Or what do you not know?”
Written by porcelain—bones

“I missed you,” she cried into him. Standing on top of the snow gave him an additional few inches on her and she rested her head against his chest. She could hear nothing within, just her own heartbeat echoing.”
We Shadows by Thomm Quackenbush 

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